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  •  01 May 2007 02:58

Release Notes: A --no-zero-padding option was added to allow the disabling of zero padding track numbers. A --nfo option was added for outputting NFO format files about music directories. Numerous tag write fixes were made, especially for ID3 v2.4. Time computation fixes were made for when incorrect MP3 frames headers are found.

  •  18 Feb 2007 20:06

Release Notes: Handles Mac style line ending in lyrics and display with the proper output encoding. TDTG support and other date frame fixes.

  •  05 Nov 2006 18:09

Release Notes: Support for GEOB (General encapsulated object) frames. Decreased memory consumption during tag rewrites/removals. The "reserved" MPEG version bits are allowed when not in strict mode. Solaris packages are available via

  •  19 Mar 2006 20:23

Release Notes: Unsynchronized lyrics (USLT) frame support, UTF-16 bugfixes, more forgiving of invalid User URL frames (WXXX), RPM spec file fixes, and a more detailed --verbose mode.

  •  08 Jan 2006 06:33

Release Notes: Directories are now processed more efficiently. A specific file system encoding can be specified for file renaming using --fs-encoding. Faster MP3 header search was provided for empty or corrupt MP3 files. Extended header fixes were made. A bug with saving files with no current tag was fixed. Unicode fixes were made for filenames and JEP 0118 output.

  •  29 Aug 2005 23:40

Release Notes: A serious frame header size bug that may have affected writes was fixed.

  •  28 Aug 2005 01:47

Release Notes: New features include support for the beats per minute (TPBM) interface, support for the publisher/label (TPUB) interface, more iTunes ID3 violation work-arounds, ID3 v2.2 bugfixes, file rename bugfixes, APIC fixes, and more successful APIC write to disk support.

  •  15 May 2005 00:02

Release Notes: APIC frames can now be removed, and an interface for TBPM (beats per minute) frames was added. UTF-16 bugs were fixed and there is better Unicode display/output. There were also some RPM spec file fixes.

  •  16 Apr 2005 16:48

Release Notes: Read-only support for ID3 v2.2 and TPOS frame support (disc number in set) were added. Bugfixes were made.

  •  05 Feb 2005 22:06

Release Notes: This release features native support for play count (PCNT), and unique file id (UFID) frames. There is more relaxed genre processing. A sync-safe bug was fixed for when the tag header requests sync-safety and not the frames themselves. Configure should now successfully detect Python release candidates and betas.


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