Version 1.1-rc1 of Eyebrowse

Other releases

  •  03 Jul 2002 00:40

Release Notes: Added basic PostgreSQL support (still in development), and PostgreSQL create/remove scripts in src/sql. The build and installation process has been eased for users with Tomcat 4 installed. HTTP Accept-Language header support was added, with translations into English, Japanese, and Korean. Text resource localization was added to the Java code, as well as the ability to do I/O operations with stdin/stdout to web.xml was changed so that requests for / go to ViewLists.

  •  08 Apr 2002 18:20

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  09 Feb 2002 01:38

Release Notes: This quick second beta features a new EyebrowseResourceLoader allows search path for Velocity templates, adds page titles and a navigation bar, changes the CSS to add 5px left and right margins, and fixes SummarizeList's "All" link to BrowseList.

  •  07 Feb 2002 06:30

Release Notes: This release features many bug fixes, usability improvements, and enhancements, including using Velocity as the templating engine.


Project Spotlight

CloverETL Designer

A visual data transformation designer for the CloverETL framework.


Project Spotlight

CoreTML framework

A tool allowing the developer to create user-configurable source code templates.