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Release Notes: Support for x86_64.

Release Notes: This release adds a comprehensive test suite and a new specification parser using Parse::RecDescent, and no longer requires relinking for new stored procedures.

Release Notes: An option to reparse code that has changed while a session is still open has been added, which will make development much easier. The debugging output has been cleaned up. There are other minor bugfixes.

Release Notes: Several utility methods for date manipulation and the ability to change the format of autogenerated DDL at runtime were added. The bundled documentation was updated and some general code cleanup was performed.

  •  15 Apr 2004 10:53

Release Notes: A bug preventing the use of code larger than 4000 bytes was fixed, and the procedure specification parser was made more forgiving when dealing with whitespace.

Release Notes: Perl source up to 4 GB in size can now be stored in the database, the configuration file supports per-database settings, prototypes can now be embedded in the Perl source file, and some internal subroutines are now auto-loaded to reduce overhead during interpreter initialization.

  •  27 Feb 2004 11:40

Release Notes: This release fixes crashes which occurred when querying the perl_config and perl_status views and several bugs in the handling of NULL values in directly-executed procedures. The build system has been modified to support the development of test scripts, though the tests are still in development and should not be relied on for accurate results.

  •  02 Feb 2004 09:01

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with the installation not finding some of the shared objects for Perl modules. New features include more consistent error reporting when bootstrapping fails and support for NULL DATE types.

Release Notes: Oracle dates are now supported as parameters and return values. A new class was created to support manipulation of dates. Several bugs related to NULL values in IN OUT and OUT parameters were fixed.

Release Notes: This is the first beta release of extproc_perl 2.0. Major changes include the addition of a configuration file, easier installation and relink procedures, definition of internal procedures in the "Perl" PL/SQL package, support for non-VARCHAR2 Oracle datatypes, support for "IN OUT" and "OUT" parameters, partitioned code parsing, user-defined destructors, and a major cleanup and optimization of all code. The Web site has also been updated to include a comprehensive user's guide.


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