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  •  16 Mar 2006 13:56

Release Notes: Fixed axis scales for 2D Graphical EQ (linear scale only) and all high res modes when decimation is set to any value greater than 1.

  •  28 Dec 2005 23:02

Release Notes: A buffer overflow read error in the audio processing code was fixed. A long time rhythmic glitch in the FFT displays was solved.

  •  05 Apr 2003 21:05

Release Notes: Compilation bugs related to the newer GCC 3.x compilers were fixed, as was an elusive, long-standing bug where eXtace failed to reopen its main window at the same position and dimensions as the previous run.

  •  26 May 2002 18:40

Release Notes: This release has fixes so that it will build with newer versions of Autoconf/Automake, as well as numerous small bugfixes. Users are recommended to remove their ~/.eXtace/config files if they experience odd behavior before submitting a bug report. An ALSA 0.5 precompiled version is no longer available. The code is still there, you just have to build it yourself from the source RPM or tarball.

  •  18 Nov 2001 00:36

Release Notes: Subtle sound I/O bugs were fixed. ALSA detection was completely reworked and now appears OK.

  •  07 Oct 2001 21:30

Release Notes: A narrowband view in high-res modes, colormap fixes, and general overall internal improvements.

  •  18 May 2001 10:15

Release Notes: Numerous bugfixes were made. The color allocation code was fixed, and it now actually runs on Mandrake 8.0 and (hopefully) Red Hat 7.1.


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