Version 1.7.7 of eXtace

Release Notes: Compilation bugs related to the newer GCC 3.x compilers were fixed, as was an elusive, long-standing bug where eXtace failed to reopen its main window at the same position and dimensions as the previous run.

Other releases

  •  25 Jan 2008 00:40

Release Notes: A segfault which occurred when the options panel was open due to a threading error was fixed.

Release Notes: This version was ported to GTK+ 2.x. The imlib dependencies were removed.

  •  16 Mar 2006 13:56

Release Notes: Fixed axis scales for 2D Graphical EQ (linear scale only) and all high res modes when decimation is set to any value greater than 1.

  •  28 Dec 2005 23:02

Release Notes: A buffer overflow read error in the audio processing code was fixed. A long time rhythmic glitch in the FFT displays was solved.

Release Notes: Cosmetic improvements were made to the Options panel. FFTW-3.x support was added. eXtace will detect the presence of FFTW-2.x or 3.x during compilation and select the best version. (FFTW-3.x is recommended, as FFTW-2.x can cause an eXtace crash when switching FFT sizes.) Scope zooming is supported to allow zooming in or out of the trace in the time domain, which is useful to see high frequency signals.


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Project Spotlight

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