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ext3undel is a collection of scripts to help you recover deleted files from ext2/ext3 file systems. ext3undel tries to automate most of the difficult manual work of recovery so that it may be possible to recover a single specified file or all data on a given disk.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Jul 2008 21:22

    Release Notes: This release mainly fixes some minor (but annoying) issues.

    •  11 Jul 2008 17:09

      Release Notes: This release focuses on some minor bugfixes, including the photorec version check and mount point detection for long device paths. Support for photorec's wholespace/freespace feature was added.

      •  01 Jul 2008 07:56

        Release Notes: R.A.L.F. now can restrict recovery to the (detected) file type, and automatically offers to substitute the parent directories inode (if the one from the specified file was not found). Moreover, some more (optional) parameters have been added to R.A.L.F., mainly for debugging purposes.

        •  25 Jun 2008 11:57

          Release Notes: Wildcard support has been re-worked and now should do as expected (shell wildcards "?" for a single character, "*" for none or any character(s)). The configuration file now knows about two more directives: "SILENT" and "DEBUG" control the amount of output generated. For explanation of all configuration directives, a man page for the configuration file has been added ("man ext3undel.conf").

          •  22 Jun 2008 14:53

            Release Notes: With this release, you can probably find more of your lost files. It solves a little problem with the root mount point and iNode evaluation. It fixes a bug where if one element of the file path was a symlink, ralf never found the iNode. Configuration files have been added; you should no longer edit the scripts themselves.


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