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Version 0.6 Beta 3 of ExpressionJ

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to choose, when exporting an expression, if the named constants must be exported as their values or with their names. Also, the names of constants can now be defined explicitly in the global constants.

Other releases

  •  03 Apr 2012 09:43

Release Notes: This release allows semicolons inside function declarations, fixes expressions before semicolons followed by function expressions not being taken into account in some cases, adds array declaration and array affectation expressions, makes the expressions cloneable, and adds a new combiner method allowing easy creation of an array expression.

  •  22 Mar 2012 14:28

Release Notes: This release adds a sign function, an echo function, comments, and several characters to the list of characters allowed in expressions: =, <, and >.

  •  19 Mar 2012 20:39

Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs in the expressions combiner, including Array expressions. It fixes constants of type String being exported without enclosing double-quotes. It makes the parser much more lenient on the use of semicolons or not to separate expressions. It adds a decrement operator (--). It adds the assignments operators (+=, -=, */, /=). It adds new combiners that allow it to add / subtract, multiply, or divide directly with a value. It allows you to give names to constants.

  •  14 Mar 2012 15:08

Release Notes: This release adds an increment operator (++). It fixes "else" expression code blocks not being able to have more than one line, cases in which unwinding of curly brackets was not performed well and could lead to false results for some expressions, cases in which the parser could incorrectly parse expressions containing both "while" and "choice" expressions, and wrong parsing for "choice" expressions without "else" and "else if".

  •  11 Mar 2012 22:05

Release Notes: This release fixes local variables not being available in a block if they were defined in a super block. Previously, a global variable with the same name was created or used, and now the local variable is correctly used. This release fixes some expressions in blocks not being parsed in some cases and adds "while" expressions.


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