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03 Apr 2005 15:40 johnnewbigin

Re: Works well mostly. Stable.
Large files are now supported, but you must use the Export menu option. Using drag & drop on files over a few meg in size does not work well.

02 Nov 2003 22:00 siegler2

Works well mostly. Stable.
I originally installed this for copying ISOs from my linux partitions to Windows, so that I could use Nero instead of cdrecord. I've found the program very useful, but it cannot copy really large files. I tried to copy a DVD image (~4gb) located on a ext3 (tried ext2 too) partition, but it gets the file size wrong, resulting in truncated files. For smaller files the program works great. You have to know which partition your file is on, but it's easy to highlight the files and "export" them to your Windows filesystem. Dragging also works well.

Other than the large file problem, the only other downside is that the program isn't very integrated with Windows. You can't just double click on the program to run it for instance. The upside of that however, is that the program is very stable and small.



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