RSS All releases of Expense Submittal System

  •  22 Apr 2014 13:51

Release Notes: This release fixes issues with the email/text receipt image interface. Portuguese is now supported in addition to English and French for expense report creation and approval. ESS has now also been packaged for deployment on the Amazon cloud.

  •  07 Nov 2013 00:30

Release Notes: ESS now supports multiple customized report entry screens per installation. An issue with the alternate prefix that was affecting receipt image upload has been fixed. Oversized PDF file printing is now supported, and the need to configure the properties files has been eliminated.

  •  17 Oct 2013 03:54

Release Notes: A column for specifying the name of the entry screen has been added to the company table for easier management of customized entry screens. This release also fixes isses with blank date usage in SQL; eliminates a bug with language in the Delinquent messaging process; changes the default alternate prefix in system.xml; and creates a separate audit receipt upload process. Finally, it changes some of the SQL scripts in the receipt management section of the system.xml file.

  •  10 Oct 2013 04:45

Release Notes: Mobile users can now add expense entries to their reports via text messaging and email. ESS now supports the PLAIN authentication method for SMTP and receipt images can be displayed at the bottom of a printed report. Image formats have been expanded to include PDF. Several minor issues, documented in the readme.txt file, have been addressed.

Release Notes: ESS 7.8 now ships with support for Microsoft SQL Server. See 'readme.txt' in the 'resources/mssql' folder in the release zip file for information on how to implement it. ESS 7.8 also resolves issues with the DBDriver 'web.xml' parameter in the ReceiptConduitLaunch listener and the way blank dates are handled.

  •  11 May 2013 03:04

Release Notes: Receipts can now be optionally printed at the end of each report. Pre-populated (e.g., imported credit card items) selection has been added to the new reporter/approver screens. SMTP and POP3 ports are now configurable. This release also cleans up the receipt scan attachment and safe_store features.

  •  24 Apr 2012 08:12

    Release Notes: ESS now accepts scanned receipt image files via text message, email attachment, or HTML upload. The images are attached to an expense report and can be used in lieu of physical receipts for approval and auditing, creating a paperless process.

    •  02 Nov 2011 18:26

    Release Notes: This release has been enhanced with a new intuitive UI which lets users create an expense report on one screen and supports localization for language, dates, and numbers. It currently has support for English and French.

    •  01 Jun 2009 23:33

      Release Notes: The primary reason for release was to rework the release procedures for easier deployment of ESS. Several bugs were addressed.

      •  19 Aug 2008 00:37

      Release Notes: This release adds the ability to attach receipt scan files (or any "approved" file type) to a report for review by auditors. This allows the creation of a paperless expense report environment.


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