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EXIP provides a C library for the parsing and serialization of Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) format streams. The focus is portability and efficiency for embedded systems development. The project was started at the EISLAB research group in the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering, Luleå University of Technology, and is part of research efforts to bring resource-constrained embedded devices, such as wireless sensor nodes, closer to the enterprise business processes taking place in processing, manufacturing, and communication industries.

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  •  04 Sep 2012 14:27

    Release Notes: This alpha release is the most stable version of the library so far. The API and the user interface have not changed much, but bugs were fixed, the codebase was redesigned, and support for schema-enabled processing was added.


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    A configuration tool for managing Linux kernel packet filtering rules of the nf_tables packet filter.


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    A Web-based administration tool for servers that host Subversion repositories.