Version R1.01a of ErfurtWiki HMS

Release Notes: This version fixed MD5 sums, config settings, binary saving, and interwiki. Markup changes were made to typewriter fonts, right alignment, pre-text, and indendation. New pluginloader, page_wantedpages, page_interwikimap, aview_linktree, aview_backlinks, binary_store, db_phpwiki13, imgresize_magick, spellcheck2, link_css, link_icons, link_target_blank, page_wikiuserlogin, fun_wella, mpi_phpwiki, auth_user_array, auth_method_http, auth_perm_ring, and auth_perm_old plugins were added, along with a text pieces array, logging, authentication and ProtectedMode, a separate squirrel logo, a register_globals workaround, and the Last-Modified header.

Other releases

  •  17 Jun 2005 11:08

Release Notes: This incremental update brings multiple bugfixes and introduces plugin meta files with a new console setup tool. A second documentation collection was added. Overhauled and new plugins provide basic WebDAV support, man page exporting, database multiplexing, diffs in safe_mode, CAPTCHAs, saner RSS parsing, anacron, PHP5 emulation, TeX, link targets=, per-page editing messages and help text, error and debug notices in HTTP headers, rel=nofollow attributes for fresh links, very effective but unintrusive anti-spam blocking mechanisms, XML User Profiles, and fixed email address protection.

  •  27 Aug 2004 14:04

Release Notes: This major release brings many changes and additions. It includes a much cooler database interface, enables PATH_INFO, is E_NOTICE cleaner, brings structural changes in distribution, better CSS page fragmentation and excessive typecasting for PHP5 compatibility. It adds a general WikiApi interface with PingBack, XmlRpc, OpenSearch, WikiSync with PHP-RPC, the WikiCommander (Web-based NC-clone), banned and blocked links, QuickDiff action, RSS/Atom feeds, BlogMpi, cron scripts, RefererLog, XFN, a TeX plugin, new page flags _minor, _hidden and _archive, and a huge number of fixes.

  •  24 Jul 2004 22:46

Release Notes: This intermediate release contains a few bugfixes and new add-ons but is not yet worth any upgrade hassle. It adds some XHTML tweaks, excessive typecasting for PHP5, User- Agent logging, enhances {meta} data use, and makes the core more E_NOTICE clean. PATH_INFO was reenabled on Apache, URLs got more configurable and CSS classes fragment pages better. New plugins provide quickdiff, XmlRpcToWiki, refererlog, RSS/Atom feeds with TCN, BannedLinks, blog support, edit lock/warn, XFN, mpi_addlink and abbreviation braces, and MimeTeX markup. Some page plugins were moved into core or became StaticPages.

  •  20 May 2004 18:17

Release Notes: Many new additions and enhancements were made. The formatting kernel was stabilized and thoroughly tested, documentation was overhauled, and Dutch page translations and a new faster flat file database backend were added. Licensing issues were fixed, and the new plugins included: acronym markup, .zip database, fpage_logo, aedit_templates, imgfile_naming, subwiki, instanturls, meta data (framework), UseMod/MM-like RecentChanges, "raw" action, markup plugins, reworked mpi and liveuser plugin sets, and simplified external link titles. Many code fixes and internal API changes were made.

  •  08 Feb 2004 16:44

Release Notes: This is an unfinished development release. The renewed markup/formatting kernel is not believed to be bug free. Existing installations needed to be updated, because the plugins/ directory was restructured. Various bugs were fixed, mainly within the database interface. New extensions include SearchAndReplace, TextUpload with limited OpenOffice support, caching, HTTP conditional requests, table of content generation, AppendOnly-pages, a tour plugin, autolinking (GaGaParser), instant URLs, PublicallyEditableIntermap, ASCII art tables, free AuthorName setting, and InterMapWalking support.


Project Spotlight


AIX/iSeries free performance monitoring and capacity planning.


Project Spotlight


A program to create bitmaps from simple ASCII diagrams.