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  •  17 Jun 2005 11:08

Release Notes: This incremental update brings multiple bugfixes and introduces plugin meta files with a new console setup tool. A second documentation collection was added. Overhauled and new plugins provide basic WebDAV support, man page exporting, database multiplexing, diffs in safe_mode, CAPTCHAs, saner RSS parsing, anacron, PHP5 emulation, TeX, link targets=, per-page editing messages and help text, error and debug notices in HTTP headers, rel=nofollow attributes for fresh links, very effective but unintrusive anti-spam blocking mechanisms, XML User Profiles, and fixed email address protection.

  •  27 Aug 2004 14:04

Release Notes: This major release brings many changes and additions. It includes a much cooler database interface, enables PATH_INFO, is E_NOTICE cleaner, brings structural changes in distribution, better CSS page fragmentation and excessive typecasting for PHP5 compatibility. It adds a general WikiApi interface with PingBack, XmlRpc, OpenSearch, WikiSync with PHP-RPC, the WikiCommander (Web-based NC-clone), banned and blocked links, QuickDiff action, RSS/Atom feeds, BlogMpi, cron scripts, RefererLog, XFN, a TeX plugin, new page flags _minor, _hidden and _archive, and a huge number of fixes.

  •  24 Jul 2004 22:46

Release Notes: This intermediate release contains a few bugfixes and new add-ons but is not yet worth any upgrade hassle. It adds some XHTML tweaks, excessive typecasting for PHP5, User- Agent logging, enhances {meta} data use, and makes the core more E_NOTICE clean. PATH_INFO was reenabled on Apache, URLs got more configurable and CSS classes fragment pages better. New plugins provide quickdiff, XmlRpcToWiki, refererlog, RSS/Atom feeds with TCN, BannedLinks, blog support, edit lock/warn, XFN, mpi_addlink and abbreviation braces, and MimeTeX markup. Some page plugins were moved into core or became StaticPages.

  •  20 May 2004 18:17

Release Notes: Many new additions and enhancements were made. The formatting kernel was stabilized and thoroughly tested, documentation was overhauled, and Dutch page translations and a new faster flat file database backend were added. Licensing issues were fixed, and the new plugins included: acronym markup, .zip database, fpage_logo, aedit_templates, imgfile_naming, subwiki, instanturls, meta data (framework), UseMod/MM-like RecentChanges, "raw" action, markup plugins, reworked mpi and liveuser plugin sets, and simplified external link titles. Many code fixes and internal API changes were made.

  •  08 Feb 2004 16:44

Release Notes: This is an unfinished development release. The renewed markup/formatting kernel is not believed to be bug free. Existing installations needed to be updated, because the plugins/ directory was restructured. Various bugs were fixed, mainly within the database interface. New extensions include SearchAndReplace, TextUpload with limited OpenOffice support, caching, HTTP conditional requests, table of content generation, AppendOnly-pages, a tour plugin, autolinking (GaGaParser), instant URLs, PublicallyEditableIntermap, ASCII art tables, free AuthorName setting, and InterMapWalking support.

  •  12 Dec 2003 17:55

Release Notes: This release corrects the anydb plugin and finishes PostgreSQL support (UTF-8 databases are now supported). The database initialization and FrontPage problem was also resolved. Further internal simplifications of the optional authentication API took place. The new TextUpload plugin allows easy importation of Wiki pages from various text file formats, and the SearchAndReplace function was added for moderators.

  •  02 Dec 2003 19:38

Release Notes: Image links and HTML entity leaks have been fixed. The optional authentication interface has been partially changed. New plugins provide Unix filesystem-like page permissions, fancy integrated user management, anonymous logins, password locks, and either form- or HTTP auth-based logins. New core plugins provide language negotiation, fuzzy plural page name matching, page redirects, subpage listing, HTML tag balancing (like tidy), search term highlighting, a global hitcounter page, a fancy list of new pages, thread grouping of page posts, and Wiki tarball export. The anydb plugin now works with PostgreSQL.

  •  08 Nov 2003 07:46

Release Notes: This bugfix release corrects the output problem with inline images' size attributes. A inline Swedish Chef filter has been added, and the fragments have been rearranged into subfolders.

  •  02 Nov 2003 16:05

Release Notes: This release ships with patches for recent PHP interpreter betas, and introduces an overhauled database interface with a plugin to utilize PEAR::DB, ADOdb, or the dbx() wrapper. WikiLinks are finally (configurably) case-insensitive. Spanish translations were added, and support for generic and markup CSS was introduced. Most plugins and admin tools were renamed, and new ones now provide concurrent page changes, 'StaticPages' support like in Geeklog, or reworked <pre> markup. Some new sample layouts appeared, multiple internal API changes happened, and many bugs were resolved.

  •  04 Aug 2003 00:56

Release Notes: This version fixed MD5 sums, config settings, binary saving, and interwiki. Markup changes were made to typewriter fonts, right alignment, pre-text, and indendation. New pluginloader, page_wantedpages, page_interwikimap, aview_linktree, aview_backlinks, binary_store, db_phpwiki13, imgresize_magick, spellcheck2, link_css, link_icons, link_target_blank, page_wikiuserlogin, fun_wella, mpi_phpwiki, auth_user_array, auth_method_http, auth_perm_ring, and auth_perm_old plugins were added, along with a text pieces array, logging, authentication and ProtectedMode, a separate squirrel logo, a register_globals workaround, and the Last-Modified header.


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