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Evolving Objects

EO is a template-based, ANSI-C++ evolutionary computation library that helps you to write your own stochastic optimization algorithms quickly. Evolutionary algorithms form a family of algorithms inspired by the theory of evolution, and solve various problems. They evolve a set of solutions to a given problem in order to produce the best results. These are stochastic algorithms because they iteratively use random processes. The vast majority of these methods are used to solve optimization problems, and may be also called "metaheuristics". They are also ranked among computational intelligence methods, a domain close to artificial intelligence. With the help of EO, you can easily design evolutionary algorithms that will find solutions to virtually all kind of hard optimization problems, from continuous to combinatorial ones.

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Recent comments

17 Nov 2011 18:42 jalcine

How do you think this can help data mining in terms of creating new knowledge?

28 May 2011 10:24 canercandan

A very strong project differentiating itself from others in combining a very clean object-oriented design and all what an evolutionary computation library has to provide. Thanks to contributors.


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