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Evil Cult

Evil Cult is a turn-based strategy game about building a cult of followers and trying to summon an Elder God. It is played in a Web browser.

Operating Systems

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  •  08 Aug 2011 05:55

Release Notes: Some bugs were fixed since version 4pre2.

  •  13 Jul 2011 20:43

    Release Notes: This release adds sects. Map display has been moved to HTML5 Canvas. Support has been added for a map bigger than the screen. There is a custom game dialog and local multi-player support.

    •  06 Jun 2010 23:32

    Release Notes: This release includes cult investigators, difficulty settings, and 2 more AI cults. There are some AI, UI, and difficulty tweaks.

    •  17 May 2010 01:18

      Release Notes: This release adds cult investigators and difficulty settings.

      •  18 Apr 2010 11:53

      Release Notes: This is the initial release.


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