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EverCrack is a cryptanalysis engine. The overall design goal is to systematically break down complex ciphers into their simplex components for cryptanalysis (by the kernel). The kernel consists of an algebraic design (comparison and reduction) for breaking uniliteral, monoalphabetic ciphers instantaneously. Currently, it can break a 4000-word cipher in milliseconds. EverCrack currently has multi-language support for the user interface and cracking encryption in other language dictionaries (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, and Portuguese).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Oct 2006 17:28

    Release Notes: The dictionary set has been changed to lists of words by exact pattern. This reduces the search space completely and increases the speed by approximately 30%. Older dictionaries will not work with this release.

    •  03 Oct 2006 00:32

      Release Notes: This release utilizes a new dictionary set: lists of words divided by exact pattern (removing the searching space and increasing the cracking speed by approximately 30%). Older dictionary sets will not work with this version. An English dictionary set is provided, but foreign language dictionaries must be created using the lexmod utility.

      •  25 Sep 2005 09:15

        Release Notes: The "statword" utility was added for analyzing the frequency distribution of words by length in ciphertext.

        •  06 Sep 2005 20:54

          Release Notes: A utility for performing juxtapositional analysis of symbols that precede/follow symbols in ciphertext has been added, as well as a quick display of letters that are statistically likely to precede/follow a given letter.

          •  31 Aug 2005 21:33

            Release Notes: Changes include greater stability, an improved engine for exhausting all possible avenues for cracking a cipher, and greater adaption to Unix principles of programming style. A verbose option has been added for including ciphertext, time to decode, number of decodes, etc. in output versus just the raw decodes for piping/redirecting.


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