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Version 0.9.1_beta of eurephia

Release Notes: This is the very first public release after having been tested through the closed alpha releases. It is considered to be stable for testing in production environments, but some bugs might still exist.

Other releases

  •  09 Oct 2012 07:56

Release Notes: Important changes in this release are support for TUN mode, an overhauled SQLite3 database driver with improved error handling and reporting, local time zones in SQLite3 admin reports instead of UTC/GMT, an improved efw-iptables driver with a new API for communication from eurephia-auth, documentation updates, enhanced build checks on newer Linux platforms, and several bugfixes in eurephiadm and eurephia_init.

  •  29 Aug 2010 15:00

    Release Notes: This is a maintenance release containing several bug fixes, some solving potential critical and reported issues.

    •  06 Jul 2010 22:09

      Release Notes: This release is practically the same release as v0.9.6_beta, with some small cosmetic changes to the administration utility, eurephiadm. A complete set with new documentation is now available, including man pages and a user manual in HTML and PDF.

      •  13 Nov 2009 11:44

      Release Notes: Because the openvpn-2.1_rc21 release and the eurephia patch changed the certificate digest formatting (from upper case to lower case), this release makes eurephia compatible with both older and newer versions of OpenVPN. In addition, a few more bugfixes and enhancements were added.

      •  05 Oct 2009 20:48

      Release Notes: All main features are developed and stabilized. This is probably the last beta release. Completion of the documentation is the last missing part before a final release. This release includes a lot of bugfixes, implementing the last of the missing features, and other minor enhancements.


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