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Release Notes: Two new operators were added to the filter engine: INC (+=) and DEC (-=). The compilation of some plugins and an issue with the dhcp spoofing module against windows client were fixed. A serious security bug was eradicated from the curses GUI.

Release Notes: The hosts scan can now be canceled by the user, and the netmask can be specified within the GUI. The checksum_check option was renamed to checksum_warning, and a new option to prevent the check was introduced. The dns_spoof plugin was greatly enhanced, and a new plugin was introduced. Many bugfixes were made, especially for the Windows port.

Release Notes: An option to issue commands to the GUI (useful in scripts) and an option to show the list of NICs were added. The program compiles fine under Windows (mingw). A new plugin was developed and some minor bugs were fixed.

  •  05 Jul 2004 13:35

Release Notes: A thread-safe strtok was implemented and the source code was prepared for a smooth mingw porting. Some bugs to the GTK interface and a problem compiling under older FreeBSD versions were fixed. This is a milestone release and can be considered stable enough to migrate from the 0.6.x series.

Release Notes: A WEP decryption algorithm for WiFi packets and support for prism2 headers were added. Filters can now be applied on a pcap file. The "should be" checksum is now displaying the correct value. A problem with the non-blocking SSL sockest was fixed, and a lot of other bugs causing segfaults in particular situations were fixed too.

Release Notes: This release fixes many bugs, including some related to the configure script finding libraries in non-standard directories. It makes log files platform independent, adds the ability to sniff UTF-8 characters, adds two plugins, adds SSL support to many existing protocol analyzers, adds VLAN tagging (802.1q) and RawIP support, and implements WiFi decoder enhancements.

Release Notes: The program was rewritten from scratch.


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