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Release Notes: Output is shown in the same window as the entry bar in report views, thus leaving the entry bar open for option changes. The "include" option was added for item view. Using, for example, the option setting "-i ckn" in item view would append a details line to each item showing the context, keywords, and note. Various tweaks were made to improve keybindings under MS Windows and Linux. Code cleanup was done.

Release Notes: Display was improved when not grouping by date. The use of a combo box in the setting view options was eliminated. Context and keyword completion is now bound to "Shift and Space" and history list completion is bound to "Tab". The ! prefix for regex filters was added to invert a match. For example, "-c REGEX" shows items matching REGEX and "-c !REGEX" shows items not matching REGEX. The -f FILE regex filter was added. Bugs in filtering were fixed. A bug in using -d DAYS was fixed.

Release Notes: Busychar and freechar are allowed to be set in etmrc and they default to '*' and '-'. An error processing spaces in options entered in the GUI entrybar was fixed. New history items are inserted at the beginning of the list rather than at the end. By default, actions are not displayed in agenda view and changed options include 'e', 'T', and 'a'. Show options were changed to include 'e', 't', 'T', and 'a'. The up-arrow binding was added to select from history in the entrybar. 'L/R arrows: shift interval' were added to the details prompt for list, busy, and reckoning views.

Release Notes: Minor cosmetic changes were made to the GUI. The alert display in the detail bar was limited to the time of the next alert. A bug in refreshing the display after updating the alert queue was fixed. The development status at was changed from beta to production/stable.


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A graphical pwmd client.


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An event-driven Java network (NIO) framework.