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etherdump is an extremely small packet sniffer. It can be used to dump raw ethernet frames for parsing (optimally with Ethereal's text2pcap), or for viewing the network traffic of a few common TCP/IP protocols. On a uClibc system a dynamically-linked version is about 8kB and a statically linked version is about 30kB because it does not depend on libpcap.


Recent releases

  •  24 Mar 2012 03:29

    Release Notes: This release fixes display inconsistencies, corrects several filtering logic bugs, and removes obsolete settings from the help output.

    •  05 Nov 2010 14:49

      Release Notes: Many bugs have been fixed related to correctly decoding TCP/UDP packets. Everything is 32-bit and 64-bit compatible. The old 'etherdump-format' output is gone; only tcpdump-like output is supported now. ICMP and ARP support have been implemented. Defaults to the 'eth0' interface. The '-h' option has been changed to '-H', to reserve '-h' for '--help'. The filtering code has been rewritten, and should be a little more like pcap-filter(7) now.

      •  29 May 2004 04:24

        Release Notes: Users must now specify interfaces with -i or --interface. The -p option was changed to -e, basic packet filtering rules were added, and slightly improved tcpdump-like output was implemented.

        •  26 May 2004 07:32

          Release Notes: Most of the code from the original ipdump2-pre1 program was left intact, and Win32 support was removed. The new features in this release included ASCII hex/raw frame output, tcpdump-like status printing, and file saving. A bug with TCP and UDP ports was fixed.


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