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Release Notes: This release features mostly new features (ip6tables, ebtables, OpenVPN, and tun/tap) and some bugfixes (IP rules, wireless, firewall, and DVB).

Release Notes: This release features initial iptables support.

Release Notes: Official support for PPP, smart sysctl.conf handling, configuration checker, and ipneigh files. Pent@NET, DHCP, and pre/post scripts bugfixes.

Release Notes: PPP support, smart sysctl.conf handling, a configuration checker, and minor bugfixes/enhancements.

Release Notes: This release adds an initial QoS framework and an initial recursion and dependencies processing framework, fixes logger, DHCP, and initscript argc bugs, changes ZCIP to IPv4LL, renames etcnet.init to network.init, and introduces sysconfig/network to ease migration.

Release Notes: This release adds DHCP, ZCIP, and ifplugd/link detection support.

Release Notes: Network configuration profiles have been added.

Release Notes: PCMCIA support and 'IP rule' support.


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