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  •  13 Jul 2008 23:32

Release Notes: This maintenance release features a bugfix for ifplugd-enabled interfaces and some minor improvements in QoS and firewall processing code. Configuration examples were updated as well.

  •  11 Apr 2008 00:06

Release Notes: This maintenance release features fixes for DHCP and VLAN processing, for handling of removable interfaces shutdown, and for OpenVPN and OpenSSH tunnels. More documentation has been included in the tarball.

  •  16 Sep 2006 04:01

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes, new features, and Fedora Core 6 compatibility.

  •  29 Dec 2005 10:13

Release Notes: This release features major code cleanup along with new features, bugfixes, some changes, and new documentation.

  •  08 Aug 2005 08:01

Release Notes: A bug in RESOLV_POSTIN_CMD was fixed. DEFAULT_IPV4RULE_CMD was removed to improve IP rule processing. Initial SkyStar-2 DVB card support was added. The Pent@Net code is now a DVB subtype. Initial PPP subtypes support was added. Firewall code fixes were made. The ifplugd code was heavily rewritten. Progress output is now context-sensitive. The service network check() function was updated.

  •  04 Aug 2005 07:38

Release Notes: This release reflects changes introduced by the upcoming /etc/net Scripts branch 0.7.10.

  •  21 Mar 2005 05:08

Release Notes: A lot of code cleanups were done, leading to bugfixes, better performance, and some incompatibility with previous releases. Initial configuration examples were added. Initial multihost configuration support was implemented.


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