Version 0.8.4 of /etc/net

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes, new features, and Fedora Core 6 compatibility.

Other releases

  •  24 Jan 2011 00:57

    Release Notes: Actual BOOTPROTO separators now match those in the man page. Return codes in WPA handling are justified. Now firewall "human syntax" is definitely disabled. An unnecessary message for OpenVPN interfaces is suppressed. A README for OpenVPN is included.

    •  24 Jan 2011 00:57

      Release Notes: Profiles handling was broken in a previous release; this has been fixed. There is a profiling fix for ossh tunnels. The bridge processing code has been rearranged to resolve DHCP and STP issues. Justified return code handling for wireless.

      •  20 Mar 2009 23:28

        Release Notes: This maintenence release mostly features user-contributed patches and bugfixes: wlanconfig/madwifi support, openresolv support, kernel module options support in the firewall code, OpenVPN, and general performance improvements.

        •  13 Jul 2008 23:32

        Release Notes: This maintenance release features a bugfix for ifplugd-enabled interfaces and some minor improvements in QoS and firewall processing code. Configuration examples were updated as well.

        •  11 Apr 2008 00:06

        Release Notes: This maintenance release features fixes for DHCP and VLAN processing, for handling of removable interfaces shutdown, and for OpenVPN and OpenSSH tunnels. More documentation has been included in the tarball.


        Project Spotlight


        A lightweight library containing a number of classes and functions to ease the task of programming GTK+ programs with C++ in POSIX environments.


        Project Spotlight


        Determine if data received from a pseudo-terminal is a control sequence.