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05 Nov 2002 07:51 wildchild

Project continued ?
Is this project still maintained ? because there were no updates anymore since 3 years ago.

Anyone got in touch with the author lately?

08 Feb 1999 12:03 rrognlie

web access to archives
eSquire supports MHonArc and Hypermail mail to HTML web archives. These are in addition to the berkeley style archives that it maintains (if the archive flag is on)

I've not yet decided how to forward the "welcome" messages for manually added users, but yes.. I'm working on it.

There is an HTML snippet and associated CGI that users can add to their web sites for web based signup to the list.

admin_template.htm is the snippet which invokes

08 Feb 1999 09:25 AHinMaine

Very clean interface, I like it. But are the archives web accessible? Also, it would be nice to make an option so that when you add a user, you have the ability to send them the welcome message even though you're subscribing them manually. Also, can the user administer their own options via the web including the ability to subscribe themselves from a web page? I run mailman for that exact reason.

06 Feb 1999 20:43 rrognlie

Online Demo will now give you a glimpse of how
eSquire works. It is still in progress, but it gives you a fair idea.

06 Feb 1999 11:36 AHinMaine

An online demo would sure be nice...


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