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  •  14 Oct 2013 22:44

Release Notes: Updated to eSpeak 1.47.12. Fixes an issue with no sound when using Croatian, Bosnian, etc. Fixes a crash when using custom punctuation characters. Fix updating the installed voice count then installing the voices from the main activity. Includes the Assamese and Gujarati languages.

  •  17 Sep 2013 23:34

Release Notes: This release supports setting the punctuation level and punctuation characters. It supports importing custom-built eSpeak dictionary files from the SD card. It supports selecting NVDA voice variants. It fixes a regression when setting the voice to speak with.

  •  29 Jul 2013 22:38

Release Notes: This release updates to eSpeak 1.47.11d and fixes crashes when running on Android 4.3. English (Caribblean) is now reported as English (Jamaican), and Spanish (Latin America) is now reported as Spanish (Mexico), to address Android 4.3 issues. Translations for Slovak, Bulgarian, Catalan, and Vietnamese have been updated.

  •  10 May 2013 22:47

Release Notes: This release reworks the speech rate and pitch settings to use sliders to set the exact value to use. It adds support for selecting the eSpeak voice variant. It adds support for setting the volume. It adds support for setting pitch variation. It improves the voice upgrade/installation process. It has updated translations for Italian, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, and Spanish (Latin American).

  •  04 Apr 2013 07:23

Release Notes: This release was updated to eSpeak 1.47.04.


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