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15 Mar 2004 16:42 petra

Re: command line wav player

> is there a command line wav player that
> supports esd?
> i know that
> play filename.wav
> works but doesn't support esd

Yes, try esdplay, it comes in the esound package.

15 Mar 2004 13:32 wimpunk

esd.conf documentation
I want to use my two soundcards (one for system sounds, one for movies, mp3's,...) so I was searching how to configure esound to do the job. Is there any documentation about esd.conf and on how to make it working.
Can someone help me?

10 Jan 2004 15:17 u326

Transmit Sound from Linux to Windows

For all vnc users who missed sound output ESD could be a solution.

I wrote a howto for transmitting sound from a linux server to the windows client. (

24 Jul 2002 02:38 martinix

Re: eaisly, make all sound apps use esd!
I'm not such well informed if such things are work in progress but wouldn't there be a possibility of doing the thing above well (so that q3 works while mp3blaster is playing) in the way that esd is set behind /dev/dsp (means setting up some pipe behind it leading to the esd) and everything wich is accessing /dev/dsp is in reality talking to esd?

only problem may be that you would need root-privileges on the machine to set it up...

anyone knows if they are working on sth. like this?

sorry for the bad english... :-)

ru Martinix

07 Apr 2002 19:11 ivan5242

Re: Still developed

> The website of this project seems a
> little outdated. Is esound still
> actively developed?

Yes, it is being developed but doesn't have a homepage. Ric's homepage has a (broken) version back from 1999, while the version in is from March 2002.

02 Apr 2002 05:28 u326

Still developed
The website of this project seems a little outdated. Is esound still actively developed?

20 Sep 2001 10:19 weefle

Re: eaisly, make all sound apps use esd!

This works fine for a lot of apps, but Quake 3 and some others try to mmap /dev/dsp, and unfortunately, esound doesn't support mmap. I'd love to be able to listen to MP3's and play Q3 at the same time, but for now, I have a script that starts Quake:


esdctl off

sleep 2


esdctl on

From the look of the Changelog, it looks like esound hasn't been truly maintained in a long time (last change was almost a year ago). Is there anybody out there capable of adding mmap support to esound?

17 Sep 2001 12:46 whatsit

Re: esound distribution tar.gz
Check your Netscape settings. Netscape can un-gzip a file for you and that is what I would suspect is going on with your downloads.

> Seems like thats just a tar file not
> really gzipped. Anyone else notice
> that?

02 Sep 2001 03:43 swiz

alsa 0.9.x anybody?
Does anyone else here want to use alsa 0.9.x natively with esound? Then look no further! hehehe Go here ( to fetch my latest patch for esd. I've added ALSA9 support. Happy hacking!

01 Feb 2001 23:35 zarathud

esdplay: wave.c:64: ParseFormat: Assertion `formatTag == WAVE_FORMAT_PCM' failed.
esdplay: wave.c:64: ParseFormat: Assertion `formatTag == WAVE_FORMAT_PCM' failed.

I'd like to use esdplay as a replacement for play in certain scripts, but it spits up at certain .au files that the standard sox play handles fine. Anyboy else have this problem? Anybody know how to either fix esdplay or the .au files?


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