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  •  18 Nov 2005 10:52

Release Notes: String cleanups, minor bugfixes, and new Windows binaries.

Release Notes: The ability to produce throughput data files has been added. They are supposed to be easily readable by graphing tools, like gnuplot (being basically a three-column data file).

  •  05 Nov 2004 11:26

Release Notes: This release reworks the flags, cleans up the code, fixes bugs, and adds some minor features (extsniff).

Release Notes: An option was added to loss_srv for continuous running. The possibility to remotely reset a test was added.

Release Notes: Two utilities have been added to check the loss rate of a communication channel. A typo has been fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds "wdate", a program to print formatted date strings on a window's commandline, including Unix time.

Release Notes: npush and nwait compile on Linux now.


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