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Release Notes: This release includes all the bug fixes of eric 5.3.x and many new and enhanced functions.

Release Notes: This release enhances a lot of functions in the eric5 IDE and adds a tool to perform screenshots (whole screen, rectangular, circular, or freehand area).

Release Notes: This release improves the cooperation functions, the debugger, the configuration dialog, the editor, the plugin manager tools, the source browser, the source documentor, the task manager, the API files generator, the tray starter, the unit test, the Mercurial and Subversion interfaces, the view manager, the Web browser, and more.

Release Notes: This release improves the editor, the project manager, the Subversion interfaces, the Web browser, the email dialog, and various tools.

  •  08 Feb 2009 16:38

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  09 Aug 2008 14:08

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  03 Feb 2008 07:51

Release Notes: Bugfixes. Compatibility fixes for Python 2.5. A plugin system for easy extensibility. The following interfaces have been converted to to separately available plugins: PyLint checker, CxFreeze packager, CharTables tool, CVS, and BRM refactoring. New project types: Eric4 Plugin, Django, TurboGears, and wxPython. Source code exporters for HTML, PDF, RTF, and LaTeX. Subversion repository and log browsers. Many enhancements to existing functionality.

  •  30 Apr 2006 05:14

Release Notes: A bunch of bugfixes and a few usability enhancements were made. Support for Qt4 and PyQt4 was added. Support for functions new to subversion 1.2.0 and later were added.

  •  07 Nov 2005 05:33

Release Notes: A lot of bugfixes were made. A bunch of improved and new functionality was added.

  •  04 Jun 2005 06:42

Release Notes: This release adds bookmark capability to the file browser, class browsers for Ruby and CORBA IDL files, context menus for directories to the various browsers, tasks and a task viewer, introduction of watchpoints, support for Ruby projects (debugger, syntax highlighting), and support for the generation of KDE UIs.


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Support for using an remote file system encrypted with encfs.


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A server class solution for supported weather stations.