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ERDtext is a simple text file viewer that is part of ERDialog. ERDialog is an application framework using Yaws. Multiple applets can be loaded into the framework. The existing applets include a file launcher, MPD audio interface, and wiki. It only requires Erlang and Yaws to be installed.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  26 Jul 2012 12:38

Release Notes: This release fixed multipart post processing so that the HTML editor can handle large files, made some improvements to the help page for the HTML editor, replaced tinyMCE with TinyEditor for HTML editing, changed hweb processing to handle large weave installs, added a message if yaws is not found as part of erl, and fixed the Windows 7 installation.

  •  04 Oct 2010 10:26

Release Notes: I18n handling was modified to use po files. The pop-up help selection dialog was removed. The applet is now installable without restarting ERDialog.

  •  11 Sep 2010 12:07

Release Notes: This version added link/pseudo-folding editing, improved some of the internationalization handling, and added pages for editing text and link files.

  •  16 Aug 2010 21:57

Release Notes: This Erlang Web framework application version has context-sensitive help and minor locale cleanups.

  •  30 Jul 2010 08:20

Release Notes: This release adds a full featured HTML editor using the tinyMCE project. A GUI start and stop process has been added using Erlang toolbar. The help system has been modified to prepare for context sensitive help.


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Extensions providing additional features for Dolphin's right click menu in KDE.


Project Spotlight


A weather logging application.