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The EQEMU project is an attempt to recreate the Everquest server software, runnable from a Windows or Linux machine. Content is stored in a MySQL database, and allows you to create custom creatures, items, and quest content in game. Many in-game functions are supported, and functionality is expanded week by week by a very active development group and by the support of the user community.


Recent releases

  •  13 Jun 2003 22:08

    Release Notes: This release has many attack fixes, and fixes a vulnerability with zone connections and a bug with logins to the zone. Spell critical hits and boats are now implemented. ReOrder is implemented for groups, partial spell resists are now possible, and there are new updated quests and many other bugfixes and changes.

    •  14 Mar 2003 08:59

      Release Notes: This release features Linux memshare, inline assembly functions for CRC32, asynchronous database calls, items that auto-equip when looting, major network lag fixes, a completely new Mob AI system, much faster and customizable spell casting, and a new templated NPC faction system. Bags on player corpses now work normally, and maps for NPC Z co-ordinate calculations were re-enabled.

      •  09 Jan 2003 23:29

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        •  22 Nov 2002 17:58

          Release Notes: A few bugs in spells have been fixed. A new zone feature has been added to limit the amount of clients in an individual zone. Now, before zoning, it checks to see if it's possible to bootup the zone or if it's booted already (this stops crashing). aggro changes have been added. Item drops are now fixed. Duels are now working. The avatar/neutralize magic fix has been added (put into a switch). Zone points now work properly. Assist now works. druid pet code and a loot fix have been added.

          •  13 Nov 2002 07:42

            Release Notes: EQLive is now used (with new encryption), CheckServerName was added to check for invalid characters, and spawns can now be sent in bulk within zones. The world MaxPlayers is now handled through Login->World and gives an error message on the login screen. UniqueNames can now go up to 999. There were fixes for Backstab, Flying kick, Loot, and an EmuMemShare bug when there were no npctypes in the database. A new TimeOfDay code was added, and zones can now synchronize with the world.

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            04 Jul 2009 02:57 michaelbolland

            Working July 4th 2009 -

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