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Epoch DHTML JavaScript Calendar

Epoch JavaScript Calendar and DatePicker runs on all major browsers and features a fast user interface, multiple date selection, flat or popup modes, CSS styling, automatic date formatting, full object-oriented design, and more. It is available in over a dozen major international languages.

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  •  18 Sep 2006 04:46

Release Notes: Support for events, holidays, and blackout dates was added. Custom date titles, URLs, and calendar cell HTML were added. OOP code encapsulation with public and private properties and methods was implemented. Multiple dates may be submitted via standard HTML forms while the calendar is in flat mode. The documentation was vastly upgraded with new HowTo guides and class references. The min/max ranges were changed from year/month to date ranges. A calendar can be assigned to different elements at any time, using the setTarget() method. A close button was added in popup mode. Global DOM manipulation functions were added. Extended comments in code were added.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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