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  •  30 Apr 2008 23:18

Release Notes: An updated token handling mechanism, updated and fixed login cookie problems, a fix for invite link message issues with adding users, fixes for issues with the calendar display, and many other bugfixes and corrections. A new pdftotext extraction was included.

  •  12 Jan 2008 02:09

Release Notes: This release fixed a calendar error concerning single day reports, an error with token timestamps, an error with initial password emailing and setting, and an error on content search in the Library. A search re-index option was added for Library files. Multiple small bugs were fixed.

  •  20 Nov 2007 15:04

Release Notes: The project_db.sql file has been fixed so that autoinc is back on in tables. Users can once again create projects and accounts.

  •  13 Nov 2007 06:42

Release Notes: The wiki management functions were improved. The security features were made more robust with token handling. Better handling was implemented for file uploads. Further improvements were made for different PHP configurations.

  •  09 Oct 2007 03:26

Release Notes: A token issue where only the first user could login was fixed. A redraw issue with the time line on IE was fixed. A forum time display issue was corrected. SQL create statements and the code were cleaned up.

  •  29 Aug 2007 04:11

Release Notes: The Opera browser is supported on both Windows and Mac platforms. The drag and drop interface was enhanced. Recursive mass import was added for getting projects and management running quickly.

  •  16 Jul 2007 15:23

Release Notes: Login issues have been fixed. There are document history updates. Delete to has been added to Tasking. LDAP bugs and other minor issues have been fixed.

  •  05 Jun 2007 14:42

Release Notes: This release adds an upload progress bar in PHP for file uploads (requires PHP 5.2 and APC). It fixes library history insert. It adds new .ods, .odp, and .opt file types. It continues to fix warnings and notices, and has various other fixes to the library.

  •  12 Apr 2007 13:58

    Release Notes: A bug in file access logging has been fixed. LDAP login does not create a new user on subsequent logins. Installation does not need to create /usr/share/antiword. Update to flush output when downloading large files so that memory does not run out. Logout issues have been cleaned up.

    •  28 Mar 2007 08:16

    Release Notes: Switching calendars after adding an event was fixed. A new event will show the recently selected calendar. The emails were fixed so that they will contain project and file information being sent after modification. A task listing issue in advanced action items was fixed. New format layouts were added so that everything is not wrapped in a bubble. DHTML does not create anything beyond the browser window on small screens. Code cleaning and warning removals were done.


    Project Spotlight


    A system optimization tool.


    Project Spotlight

    Devel Live CD

    A Live CD to compile programs.