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Entrance is a program for browsing MySQL databases. It includes a "match box" search facility that is simlar to the Mac's Spotlight. Entrance can create charts based on query results, and these charts can be zoomed and panned. Entrance also supports an innovative feature called "data painting" that allows users to select and paint data points interactively.

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Recent releases

  •  26 Sep 2009 22:29

    Release Notes: Entrance Community PLOT is again synchronized with Entrance IDE. Among other things, there is a new keyword for drawing skinny bars on top of others for comparisons. KML export is now supported from the EarthChart popup. The Import dialog now remembers settings from previous downloads. Recent SQL files and tables visited are also remembered. The Help and X menus are now reconfigurable. By default, the Help menu contains links to the Entrance community page, blog, and release notes.

    •  26 May 2009 17:44

      Release Notes: This version supports second X and Y axes and new keywords for controlling the scaling and appearance of axes: TICKS, LABELS, AXISLINE, LOG, and LOG10. An Entrance extension, InstallServletX, is now provided for installing the Entrance chart servlet. There are also a number of new charting examples in the Entrance blog. The site provides details about other bugfixes.

      •  01 Apr 2009 19:31

        Release Notes: This update enhances Entrance Community PLOT and REPORT scripting support, which is now in sync with Entrance IDE. The main change since the last freshmeat release is that Entrance supports additional ScatterChart extensions: BitmapChart, EarthChart, and ColoringBook. There are also improvements in the way HTML is handled. It is now easier to style Entrance REPORTs styled using CSS for HTML export, or to export iPhone-sized charts.

        •  01 Aug 2008 06:44

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          •  12 Jul 2008 08:36

            Release Notes: This version supports mixing text and graphics on Entrance report tabs. It is possible to organize multiple output pages in a single report using the "PAGENAME" keyword. Details can be found in the Entrance Help menu items for PLOT and REPORT.


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