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Enigform is a Mozilla Firefox extension that provides the ability to digitally sign HTTP requests, even those generated via AJAX. It implements the mechanism described in the white paper "OpenPGP-based Identity and Data Authentication for HTTP", by Arturo Buanzo Busleiman.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  19 Jun 2007 00:15

Release Notes: Enigform can now tell if the remote server supports HTTP+OpenPGP. It announces it via a new Status Bar element.

  •  15 Apr 2007 00:35

    Release Notes: This version is the same as 0.7.9, but is now considered stable.

    •  07 Apr 2007 13:36

    Release Notes: Enigform is now an XPCOM Component (nsIEnigformService). A new preferences system was added. The "multiple passphrase dialog" bug is now fixed. Enigform is listed in

    •  22 Mar 2007 08:33

    Release Notes: A new GPGDeploySignature algorithm that correctly manages larger keys. This will make Enigform work for those people that were having issues with verification at the test and demo sites. The PHP API has changed accordingly.

    •  16 Mar 2007 08:23

    Release Notes: Headers have been renamed from X-PGP to X-OpenPGP. A new header (X-OpenPGP-Type) has been added. It is now possible to always sign requests. This release is not backwards compatible with previous Enigform releases. Upgrading is advised.


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