Version 1.0.4 of Enhanced TightVNC Viewer

Release Notes: This release enables creating SSL certificates and private keys via the GUI. External certificates can also be imported. Port knocking may now be done when the VNC or SSH connection finishes; this allows for closing firewall ports.

Other releases

  •  14 Sep 2011 21:53

Release Notes: Connecting to a Unix socket is now supported by the Unix vncviewer. The lim_accept local port protection is checked for SSH compatibility before being used. The Unix ssvncviewer can now be launched directly and easily from the ssvnc command line with the -viewer option. There is now initial support for the recent UltraVNC RFB 3.8 compatibility. A number of new features may be enabled via environment variables.

  •  23 Aug 2010 22:28

Release Notes: This release contains minor bugfixes for SSVNC. Keyboard grabbing in full screen mode is improved. A handshake deadlock bug is fixed with UltraVNC Single Click when -acceptpopupsc is specified. A proxy host may now be an IPV6 mapped IPV4 address.

  •  04 May 2010 14:56

Release Notes: The Unix and Mac OS X VNC viewer binary (ssvncviewer) supports IPv6 natively. The ultravnc_dsm_helper tool has been extended to fetching of SSL certificates, IPv6 support, TCP relaying, and daemon mode. Spaces in SSH usernames are now handled correctly. Some convenience utilities for Putty were added to the GUI on Windows.

  •  09 Apr 2010 22:34

Release Notes: IPv6 support is provided on Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows for nearly all usage scenarios, including reverse and unencrypted connections. On Unix and Mac OS X, for reverse connections, the proxy helper scripts (e.g. VeNCrypt support) now loop indefinitely until the user stops the listening mode. Reverse connections can specify a network interface to listen on. Users can enable logging for troubleshooting Plink (SSH) connections on Windows.

  •  28 Dec 2009 18:56

Release Notes: For VNC server SSL keys signed by a Certificate Authority (i.e. not self-signed ones), the user is now better informed on what to do to authenticate the server. UltraVNC's RSA-based encryption plugin 'SecureVNC' is supported. The 'No Encryption' option is shown by default. The Unix vncviewer provides an -appshare option to work with x11vnc's simple application sharing mechanism. A per-profile SSH knownhosts file is enabled for chained SSH tunnels and similar proxy schemes.


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A slackbuild utility.


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