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  •  25 Apr 2007 03:19

Release Notes: Pressing an arrow key now moves the selected points.

  •  03 Jan 2007 22:47

Release Notes: A new Point Match algorithm offers speed and an easier interface, while fixing overflow error in Ubuntu. The executable is now named 'engauge'.

  •  09 Mar 2006 04:04

Release Notes: This version compiles with GCC 4 for Ubuntu users. A new '-lazysegments' command line option skips segment scanning of imported files during startup for speed.

  •  24 Nov 2004 02:20

Release Notes: Data is now exported in new formats, and with increased precision. All preview windows now work in Mac OS X. A bug with the log scale on the horizontal axis was fixed.

  •  07 Apr 2003 03:17

Release Notes: This version features a preliminary contour capability that lets curves optionally behave like measures. There is flexible formatting of header lines in exported files, better help for using maps, and bugfixes for log scale and curve renaming.


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