Version 1.1 of EncFS

Release Notes: Many new options: block filename encryption, per-file random initialization vectors for data encryption, per-directory initialization vectors for filename encryption, and per-data block MAC authentication headers. Performance improvements. Support for filesystems created with EncFS 1.0.x and 0.x.

Other releases

  •  06 Sep 2010 11:31

    Release Notes: This version fixes option handling issues introduced in 1.7.0 that prevented mounting of certain filesystem types.

    •  30 Aug 2010 10:06

      Release Notes: Initialization vector setup for new filesystems was replaced, which helps against a watermark attack.

      •  28 Jun 2010 11:48

        Release Notes: Support was added for boost 1.42 and 1.43. Modtime is maintained during rename. Fixes were made for gcc 4.x and Mac OS X builds.

        •  06 Oct 2008 19:19

        Release Notes: This release uses a salt-based key derivation function from OpenSSL. It adds GCC 4.3 support and fixes xattr support on OS X.

        •  15 Apr 2008 00:40

        Release Notes: Fixes for locking issues and support for file holes.


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