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Enblend is a postprocessing tool for creating panoramic images. After you align image features using a program like Hugin, there are often photometric problems that lead to ugly seams in the final composite. Enblend blends away these seams using a multiresolution spline. This technique gives good results on both low spatial frequency objects (sky and clouds) and high spatial frequency objects (trees and houses).

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Recent releases

  •  09 Sep 2008 07:36

    Release Notes: This release introduces Enfuse, a new tool for simplified HDR image creation. Enfuse merges differently exposed images into a nice output image, without going through the complex steps of intermediate HDR file creation and tonemapping. Enfuse can also be used to create extended depth-of-field focus stacks. This release also includes minor feature enhancements and bugfixes for Enblend.

    •  28 Jan 2007 02:38

      Release Notes: This release features faster image processing computations and a new seam line optimization algorithm. Masks can now be saved and loaded from files, color blending can be done with the CIECAM02 color appearance model, and the graphics processor can be leveraged for higher performance.

      •  11 Dec 2005 12:25

        Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in version 2.4. An error when using the -w parameter has been fixed, as well as an error where Enblend would say "mask transition line bounding box undefined."

        •  04 Dec 2005 13:02

          Release Notes: This release adds a few new features. Enblend now supports the cropped and shifted TIFF files produced by Nona's "Multiple TIFF" stitching option. Also, ICC profile data in the input images are preserved in the output file. Finally, some minor speed improvements have been made to the mask generation algorithm.

          •  18 Apr 2005 02:23

            Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in the 2.2 release. The number of levels you can specify with the -l parameter has been reduced from 30 to 29 to avoid an arithmetic overflow. On the Windows version, improved handling of temporary files should fix the "unable to open temporary file" bug.


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