Comments for Emu10k1 Linux driver

11 Dec 1999 15:47 gdosey

Sound Blaster PCI 512
The emu10k1 driver also supports, at least to a large extent, the soundblaster pci 512 soundcard, which uses the emu10k1 processor.
Download the emu10k1-????????.tar.gz file from,
Decompress with terminal command "gzip -d emu10k1-????????.tar.gz" ,
Then at terminal"tar xvf emu10k1-????????.tar".
Next in directory emu10k1 type make.

I then copied all the files in the directory emu10k1 to the /lib/modules/2.?.?-??/misc directory.

Add the lines "alias sound emu10k1" and "install emu10k1 insmod -f emu10k1" to the file /etc/conf.modules,

Then at terminal type "modprobe emu10k1"

At present i can play cd's and mp3's and wahtever else ,both left and right and front and rear speakers working


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