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Emu10k1 Linux driver

The Emu10k1 Driver for Linux supports Creative Labs' Emu10K1 chip, which is found in SoundBlaster Live! cards. It supports full duplex sound, two sound devices (dsp, dsp1), OSS compatibility, AC97, sndstat, MIDI, a Joystick interface and more than one EMU10k1 board in one computer. It does not yet support SMP.


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11 Dec 1999 15:47 gdosey

Sound Blaster PCI 512
The emu10k1 driver also supports, at least to a large extent, the soundblaster pci 512 soundcard, which uses the emu10k1 processor.
Download the emu10k1-????????.tar.gz file from,
Decompress with terminal command "gzip -d emu10k1-????????.tar.gz" ,
Then at terminal"tar xvf emu10k1-????????.tar".
Next in directory emu10k1 type make.

I then copied all the files in the directory emu10k1 to the /lib/modules/2.?.?-??/misc directory.

Add the lines "alias sound emu10k1" and "install emu10k1 insmod -f emu10k1" to the file /etc/conf.modules,

Then at terminal type "modprobe emu10k1"

At present i can play cd's and mp3's and wahtever else ,both left and right and front and rear speakers working


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