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  •  27 Feb 2014 13:14

    Release Notes: This release includes minor UI updates, some commandline option changes, workarounds for GTK+ 3.8/3.10 deprecated objects, API, and missing icons, and bugfixes.

    •  27 Sep 2013 22:34

      Release Notes: This release enables reversion to old-style auto-updating of directory-histories; extra archive types in the unpack plugin; adds a plugin for 'destroying' selected items; and provides build-time support for some customized UI arrangements.

      •  03 Jan 2013 01:32

      Release Notes: This release provides minor UI refinements, minor feature additions, better operation on gtk3, and bugfixes.

      •  15 May 2012 07:32

      Release Notes: This release includes an additional default filetype for xz archives, more tolerant file copying when the ACL plugin is loaded, improved behaviour on GTK+ 3, several bugfixes, and updated translations.

      •  24 Jul 2011 06:15

      Release Notes: This version can be built and run on GTK 3. Some build parameters were changed to handle this. Several bugs were fixed.

      •  07 Feb 2011 22:41

        Release Notes: This includes fixes for several types of crash, an updated filelist refreshing mechanism, better usability for the glob plugin, and improvements to the 'unofficial' Debian build files.

        •  18 Jun 2010 07:11

          Release Notes: This release includes minor enhancements to the pack and unpack plugins, text-file printing, and information about directories. Several bugs were fixed.

          •  21 Dec 2009 03:50

            Release Notes: Minor bugfixes.

            •  20 Jul 2009 03:21

              Release Notes: Building now depends on libmagic-devel, and at runtime libmagic is used directly for file info. Extra 'make' arguments are supported. Devicekit disks can be used instead of HAL for auto [un]mounting. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

              •  07 May 2009 14:17

                Release Notes: This version has per-item (instead of once-per-session) decisions on management of item name encoding. Workarounds were made for GTK 2.16 menu-activation changes. New plugins were added for manipulating filelist selections. Several new configuration options were added. Minor bugs were fixed.


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