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23 Apr 2004 07:46 martintxo

new emelfm for gtk1.2 patch set
Hello, I noticed that there is a patch-set for the original emelfm in the following web: Thanks to the autor.

22 Nov 2003 04:26 ironthorn

Best file manager I've found for Linux
I've enjoyed emelfm so far. Been using it for over a year and
except for locking up with really large tasks have had
no problems with it and many good things to say. The
interface performs as you'd expect. It is much like
windows commander for those coming from a windoze
environment. Configurable, easy to use, efficient. I highly recomend emelfm.

15 Apr 2003 17:54 m1foley

I only use a file manager for specific tasks, like renaming lots of mp3's at once. emelfm is my favorite because it's not bloated, and does the job efficiently.

28 Mar 2000 12:52 meiso

Compiled fine under Slackware 7. First impressions are it's a very nice file manager. I've been having a few problems with it locking up when i try and get it to do a lot of stuff. Your mileage may vary, as they say.

05 Dec 1999 08:15 pstrader

Very nice file manager. Quick, easy to configure, and compiled on my Slackware 7 box with GTK+-1.2.6.
Good job!


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