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Release Notes: The eMATgine server now embeds a better HTML parser and uses a priority system for an inter-thread communication queue. Major bugs have been corrected.

Release Notes: The eMATgine server is now able to send large files by mail and to process requests from a file received by mail. Major bugs have been corrected.

  •  09 Dec 2002 03:23

Release Notes: In this version, encryption facilities and MySQL are no longer supported, and bugs have been corrected.

Release Notes: The POP3 and SMTP package has been replaced with a Javamail 1.3 package. Various server startup options have been added, such as a proxy setup for HTTP and FTP access or eMATgine inputs to be launched. The multi-terminal display has been enhanced, and is now more dynamic for the services status front page.

Release Notes: The eMATgine server startup options must be defined in the launch command line. The eMATgine servlet is distributed as a jar file and its configuration is made through a file. The asynchronous inter-thread communication has been improved.

Release Notes: The eMATgine server includes the HSQLDB database. This database can be configured by the server to simplify the install of the eMATgine server. For compatibility reasons with previous server installation, all table field names in MySQL must be turned to lowercase. An FTP client is also included, and available for all eMATgine services.

Release Notes: This release includes the use of XSL transformations with XALAN for multiterminal display, the ability to display user information on high resolution screens and WAP phones, and replacing of the secured socket communication between the servlet and the eMATgine server with a simple socket connection, however can be enabled easily again to use ElGamal encryption.

Release Notes: Ability to access the eMATgine services with both email and HTTP requests (HTTP access is provided through a servlet with secure socket communication between the servlet and the ematgine server; it uses cryptix ElGamal encryption).

Release Notes: Services are now downloaded dynamicaly from a directory and are no longer part of the eMATgine server developement. This release also includes the S1000_download_slave service with a fix so users are no longer automatically approved.

Release Notes: This release has two restrictions. Only POP3/SMTP input/ouput is supported, and the S1000_download_slave service included with the HTML parser is disabled.


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