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Emaigos imports Google contacts and calendars into Emacs. Contacts are stored in a Big Brother Database (BBDB) file, which makes them usable with many Emacs email packages, like Gnus. Google calendars are stored as a single Org-mode file, so events may be viewed as a structured document and possibly shown within an Agenda view. With Emaigos, it's possible to use Google as a contacts and calendars manager, while having all the same data available within Emacs. The original Google contacts and calendars are not modified in any way by Emaigos. The name "Emaigos" is an acronym for "EMAcs Importer for GOogle Stuff".

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  •  18 Aug 2013 19:51

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to start the program in hidden mode and to print the date of a calendar event in the same line as its name, better tray icons, and bugfixes.


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