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eLua (Embedded Lua) aims to introduce the programming language Lua to the embedded software development world. Lua is the perfect example of a minimal yet fully functional language. The aim of the project is to have a fully functional Lua development environment on a microcontroller (Lua interpreter, modules appropriate for microcontroller environments, and editor) without the need to install a specific toolchain on the PC side.

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30 Dec 2009 20:52 twadepgh


I'm Todd Wade. I'm the director of New Technology development for a small company in Pittsburgh, PA. I found your project while trolling Google for Lua-related projects, etc. I just wanted to offer you any assistance you might need. My company has been using Lua in various embedded products for a number of years (since about 1999 or so). We have on-board text editing, complied module execution, as well as direct script interpretation. We've extended Lua in numerous ways, adding support for networking, XML, communications protocols, boot scripting, etc. I think you'd find our various uses for Lua interesting. It's a great language and an excellent outside-in and inside-out toolset. We love it. It's been used on various OS's, including (for us):
- Precise MQX
- Linux (various flavors)
- Green Hills Intergrity
- Mac OS
- Windows
- uCOS

It ports so nicely that we move it around quite a lot.

Anyhow, if there's anything I can do, please let me know.


Todd Wade


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