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elRTE is a WYSIWYG HTML editor for the Web written using jQuery. It features rich text editing, options for changing its appearance and style, insertion and management of various HTML elements with formatting (images, tables, lists, etc.), support for viewing and editing HTML code, and normal and full-screen modes.

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  •  24 Jun 2011 06:18

Release Notes: This version is compatible with and includes the latest jQuery 1.6.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.13. A file manager callback is now used to insert a link. An EOL element is used in panels to start the next panel from a new line. XHTML support was improved. The "destroy" method was added to remove the editor from the page. Six new languages are supported. Fixes were made for JavaScript code cut, problems with nbsp instead of space in different browsers, image dialog errors, and many more.

  •  15 Dec 2010 15:09

Release Notes: This release includes new improvements like image drag and drop in design mode, iframe handling, and highlighted structure mode. Non-HTML text nodes are now allowed. jQuery and UI have been updated to the latest versions. A lot of small fixes were made. New translations were added for Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Thai, and Turkish.

  •  20 Sep 2010 17:27

Release Notes: Complete RTL support was added. New buttons for pagepreak and smileys were added. The TAB key now inserts the "\t" character instead switching to the next element. Textarea no longer uses ID instead NAME on post. Fullscreen mode in Firefox was fixed. Google Maps and Vimeo insertion were fixed. Selected text is now cleaned on paste. New localizations were added for Arabic, Czech, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Persian (Farsi), Polish, and Traditional Chinese.

  •  26 Aug 2010 13:32

Release Notes: This is the first stable release. It brings a new filter engine, user-defined replacements, new placeholders, and LTR/RTL support. jQuery and jQueryUI were updated. New localizations were added for Japanese, Latvian, and Spanish. All bugs found since the last RC were fixed.

  •  31 Mar 2010 13:40

Release Notes: The new button "CSS" was added for class and style set. Support for XHTML was improved. More cleanup was done for unused tags and attributes. Selection is restored after undo or redo. The add/remove links were fixed. Visual fixes were made for IE.


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