Comments for ELOG Electronic Web Logbook

04 Jan 2005 02:42 stighjacobsen

This is a rare beauty
And extremely usefull. I've just installed it on Linux and Windows and am now proceeding to the Solaris and FreeBSD boxes. Highly recommended for any sysadm for your system logbooks and todo-lists. And we all need those :-)

10 Apr 2003 07:43 Stalione

Perfect solution for a datacenter
Me and some other admins at my datacenter were looking for a nice online tool to keep activity logs. Often time due to missed/bad communication we re-invented the wheel...but now with the help of this tool we won't make such mistakes. Also this helps us keep track of updates done to boxes...just a great tool over all. Thank you very much for such an awesome product.

18 Mar 2003 04:35 chan00

ELOG v2.3.0
An Excellant tool even for personal journaling.
I use it as a personal 'information' base under various categories. Simple to use, operate and maintain information. Well done indeed to the author.

22 Apr 2002 21:54 snowzone

web board
by trimming it down a bit it makes a great web based message board. i'd like to see all aspects of the generated html more configurable, but this is very usable as it is.

16 Nov 2001 11:42 purplebear

Amazingly useful tool
This is probably the most useful tool I have run across FreshMeat in regards to business use.
Stefan is an incredibly responsive developer. I suggest this to anyone in need of a change tracking system.
The command line client has made this incredibly useful to our inhouse developers in logging errors in their automation code.

15 Nov 2001 10:24 fredpp

Great tool !
A snap to install on Unix/Windows, incredibly flexible, makes many sorts of "mini-apps" possible without any programming. Very responsive author too, may improvements added recently. A must see !

08 Aug 2001 20:04 wootene

The best "change tracking" log system
It is by far the easiest to setup and configure. Very flexible, small app, quick to run. What else can I say. Just try it, you won't be sorry!


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