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Release Notes: Properties and macro mechanisms have been implemented in order to make Elmo more flexible. The search mechanism has been extended to also work in the email reader, address book, and the window with the list of boxes. The documentation has been extended, and covers almost all aspects of configuration.

Release Notes: GnuPG support for decrypting messages and verifying digital signatures has been implemented. OpenSSL support has been added. Interactive approximate search has been implemented. A tutorial has been added.

Release Notes: The addressbook implementation has been changed to use the new interface. Killing and moving across words in the commandline window has been implemented. It is now possible to map a meta key with an action.

Release Notes: SMTP authorization has been added. Attachments may be now sent, and opened in mail reader window. Many bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: Networking support has been made asynchronous. The interface has been changed. UTF-8 support has been added. Unfortunately, some features known from previous releases are still missing.


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A server class solution for supported weather stations.


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Android Yuriy's NodesUP

A ping tool.