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Release Notes: This release fixes handling of an unexpected return value of nl_langinfo(CODESET) on AIX, fixes the value check of "internal-mailcaps" and "metamail-mailcaps" elmrc variables, fixes some prompts on situations where leaving of a folder fails, reimplements "alternatives" and "weedout" elmrc variables, changes the elm.filelist format (adds the subcommand "copydoc" to elmregister), adds a -s option to elmregister, and adds an RFC 2919 List-ID to the list of known headers.

Release Notes: This release changes the temporary folder location in some situations, fixes a crash on c)hange command on alias menu, adds elmrc options "local-sessionlock-dir" and "local- sessionlock-use-home", and changes SIGWINCH handling when waiting for editor.

Release Notes: This release collects the PL113a patch, adds a hack for hiding certain management mail used by some IMAP servers, and splits the "use-library" elmrc option into two variables. This should reduce loading of unnecessary libraries. New elmrc options "message-hide-hack", "use-base-library", and "use-connect-library" were added to this release.

Release Notes: This release changes the base64 decode algorithm, adds a decoder from X-uuencoded content-transfer-encoding, and adds handling of resizing to many screens.

Release Notes: This release collects patches PL111a and PL111b, unifies common routines of aliases and messages, and changes handling of obsolete elmrc options. More commands which work on the mailbox menu also work on the aliases menu.

  •  24 Jan 2004 12:10

Release Notes: This release collects patch PL110a. The bug reporting address was changed, and some other changes were made. The email address of the author was changed.

Release Notes: This release includes patches PL109a and PL109b. Security fixes introduced in PL109S are included. A bogus charset initialization error caused by a missing global elm.mimecharsets file is fixed. Some enhancements to the l)imit command are introduced. This release also fixes extra "[Keeping all messages.]" messages introduced in the PL109a fix. The file MIME.txt compares Elm ME+ to MIME conformace criteria.

Release Notes: A potential security problem was fixed on systems where Elm ME+ is setgid "mail", and the system does not support POSIX saved IDs. On such systems, there is a possibility that Elm ME+ can read or write some files which are readable or writable by the "mail" group. Note that these fixes can not be complete. At least, there is a race condition problem, and to close that race condition Elm ME+ must drop privileges temporarily, and that requires POSIX saved IDs.

Release Notes: This release collects the Elm2.4ME+ PL108a (25) patch, adds the elmrc variable "prompt-after-metamail", changes the iconv:auto-charset elmrc option to also apply to defined but unknown charsets, makes some changes to elm tools, adds binary mmappable file for charset tables for ASCII types and one-byte-map, and adds the O)verride charset command. In elm tools, there is new command called "elmbindata".

Release Notes: This release includes the PL107a patch, adds the "invoke e)ditor" command to the header editing screen, enhances the internal mailcap parser, and fixes some bugs. The new elmrc options, "internal-mailcap-trusted-programs" and "internal-mailcap-prompt-trusted", were added.


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