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Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs, adds help ("?" command) to some screens, makes elmregister -program a little less verbose, makes IPv6 URLs on List-* -header fields legal, fixes fastmail -program, adds a UTF-8 validity check to some places, adds a warning for bad encodings, and adds a certificate check to tls -module. Also some other changes or fixes are included. This release removes answer -program.

Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs, changes the help implementation (on many screens), and adds help to several screens. It makes body searches of message interruptible. There are several new header fields on the default weedlist. This release adds attach/inline -column to the Attachment Menu -screen. Now some messages are printed on bold text when the built-in pager is used. Some other changes are included.

Release Notes: This release includes some code reorganization, and fixes some Valgrind reported errors and some other bugs. It fixes incorrect setting of In-Reply-To in canceled mail.

Release Notes: This release includes some code cleanup and fixes or mitigates a bug that caused folder corruption when run under valgrind. Some other bugs were also fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds an Elm 2.5 style file browser with some additions. This is available for local files. Elm ME+ style file and folder browsing are still available for all cases (e.g. for IMAP folders). This release also adds couple of elmrc options related to the new file browser and some commands for function keys. These are specially used on the Elm ME+ style browser. This release also has some other changes and fixes.


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A Web-based translation server.