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ELFIO is an ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) reader and producer implemented as a C++ library.

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Release Notes: The segment offset value when the ELF file was created with endianess different from host machine was corrected. SHT_NOBITS section file size calculation was fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds a dynamic section accessor. A corresponding chapter was added to the documentation.

  •  17 Jan 2013 02:25

    Release Notes: The documentation was updated.

    •  16 Sep 2012 18:07

      Release Notes: A new implementation of the ELFIO library. It is C++ header-only library now. Just include <elfio.hpp> header file into your application and you are ready to access ELF file content. 32- and 64-bit ELF file formats are supported simultaneously.

      •  08 Nov 2005 14:31

      Release Notes: Fixes endian conversion in the ELFIRelocation and ELFINote sections' adapters.

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      08 Sep 2001 21:48 unixzealot

      Does this mean that I can write machine code under linux and just tack on the ELF header.
      If so this r0x


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